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Dismantling Me
by Tom Squitieri

It is dark now

In the morning as

Fall draws closer


So it is only the steam of

My coffee and nothing

Else with me


Except of course


The smile

In the steam


Hard to think of

A better way to begin

A day

Except to know you

Will be here with me

The entire day


Dismantling me

From the past

And reminding

Me of the future


I am on the deck

Now, overlooking the end

Of the garden season

But think more of the seeds

That were planted today

That will grow for

A new season that

Ignores a calendar

Just a ray of


Shows me the wildflowers

As the basil sends only its smell

And the proud tomatoes,

Lush and ready,

Know soon they will

Be enjoyed


We will drink

This fragrant coffee

Full of love

And watch a

perfect, creative day

Call to us

Soon the sun

Will say hello

And then it will

stop to stare,

As our smiles tell

the sky we

see each other


When fall holds

Hands with spring

And gives us winter hugs

And summer warmth

We know we have found it

Tom Squitieri is a three-time winner of the Overseas Press Club and White House Correspondents' Association awards for work as a war correspondent. He is blessed to have his poetry appear in 35 venues including publications, books and anthologies, podcasts, a spoken word concert, the art exhibition Color: Story2020/2021, and the films “Rings of the Unpromised” and "Fate's Shadow: The Whole Story," where he shared the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival "Grand Jury Prize Gold for Monologues & Poetry." For 2023, he is the poet laureate of the Rose Theatre Company in Washington, D.C. He writes most of his poetry while parallel parking or walking his dogs, Topsie, Batman, and Melody.

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