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Night Watch
by N.T. Chambers

Her rhythmical breathing creates
the night tides of our bed
as murmurs of yesterday’s battles
swim unconsciously downstream,
spilling themselves softly
onto our rumpled sheets
heard only by my tired ears
and a half-alert dog
snuggled down
for the night in the corner
wrapped in his own
ancestral dreams and ample fur.


She stirs and moves
her willowy, tense body
closer to me still,
entwining her long, sinewy legs
around mine
soaking up the heat I offer
to a body chilled by the night
as well as ancient blows
to the heart and spirit -
both having known
more weariness than joy
but currently pursuing
a time of future peace.


A childlike smile dances
briefly across her face
then she’s off again -
stealing what comfort
she can from sleep
hoping it will be enough
to sustain her
through the attendant trials
of the creeping dawn
while I
a silent witness
to this nocturnal ballet
embrace the sleeping ballerina
savoring the music of the night.

N.T. Chambers has led an interesting life before becoming a writer. Among the many jobs held were cab driver, bus driver, sales drone, pizza deliverer, wine merchant, improv actor, editor, educator, professional counselor, and, of course, every writer's "go to" job - bartender. The author’s works have been published in the following magazines and journals: Grassroots, In Parentheses, You Might Need to Hear This, The Elevation Room, Wingless Dreamer, Months to Years, New Note Poetry, Bright Flash Literary Review, Quibble, Indolent Books, Banyan Review, Inlandia, The Orchards Poetry Journal, The Decadent Review, Emerald Coast Writers, Share Literary Journal, Bluebird Word, Red Coyote, Bookends Review, Flint Hills Review Anthology, Gabby & Min Publications, Blaze Vox, SBLAAM and Black Coffee Review.

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