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Volume 1, Issue 1, Fall 2023


"Version 2.0"
by Rosemary Esehagu

Version 2.0, new and improved.
Not better than or equal to.
You call her woman.
Somehow the efficiency of her creator
in not needing so much raw material,
was proof of her second-rate status,
of her continual dependence on man.
Never mind that this woman
has complete form, lacking no part,
that her beauty brings men
and nations to their knees,
that her mind, its capacity
to nurture, inspire or
contemplate multiple variables simultaneously
is unparalleled,
a mystery to man. But alas
maybe it’s much simpler,
perhaps the relationship between versions
is big brother and little sister.
Then where is the protection,
the responsibility of their elder?
Where is the focus on advancing
the young, sacrificially,
almost to a fault?
Perhaps instead it’s like the big brother fuming,
sharing attention and recognition.
And so, throws tantrums,
like thunder raging in the sky,
provoking parents to buy
a watchful eye that alerts to mischief
from big brother’s sister.
Version 2.0.
Why were you created?

Author Bio

Rosemary Esehagu is a native Nigerian who currently lives in Texas. She is the author of the novel The Looming Fog. Her poems have been published in Plum Recruit, A Little Poetry, African Writer Magazine, and Elephant Journal. She loves to explore the mind and how external forces play a role in its development and health.

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