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How I Spent the Morning
by Stan Sanvel Rubin

After I unified

quantum field theory

with relativity,

I thought of unifying

my family, only

they exist


in the past, which

we know is a kind

of existence


like the understory

of forests

we never see


with its own

gravity, density,

and light


buoyed by

the darkness which

we run our fingers over


in the urgent


of dream.


gets lost there,

and I often am,



for the smiles

through the leaves.

Stan Sanvel Rubin’s work has appeared in numerous U.S. journals, including Agni, Poetry Northwest, Georgia Review, Lumina, La Piccioletta barca and others as well in China, Canada, and Ireland. Four full-length collections include There. Here. (Lost Horse Press) and Hidden Sequel (Barrow Street Poetry Book Prize). He lives on the north Olympic Peninsula of Washington state.

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