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The Quelling
by John Muro

I’ve often longed for an evening

such as this when moonlight gilds

the pathway with bronze splatter

that washes past the woodshed

and floods into pasture before

pooling beneath a dry-stone wall

where a few leafless trees seem to

hunker, weak-kneed, in prayer and

I hold certain, in the damp stillness

that follows dusk, that this night,

even with its raw silence, will never

know loneliness or lack for wonder

with its delirious ballet of bats, a

wood-pecker’s rapid-fire ambush

of a bark-less tree, the divine presence

of slowly emerging stars and the

purr of wind pulling down cooler

air that tastes like ash upon the

tongue and will be taken in and later,

deep in sleep, enter the blood.

John Muro - A resident of Connecticut and lover of all things chocolate, John Muro has authored two volumes of poems—In the Lilac Hour and Pastoral Suite—in 2020 and 2022, respectively. Since that time, he has received three nominations for the Pushcart Prize, a Best of the Net nomination and, more recently, he was a 2023 Grantchester Award recipient. John's poems have appeared in such literary journals and anthologies as Acumen, Barnstorm, Delmarva, Moria, Sky Island and the Valparaiso Review.

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