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Fantasy Flowers
Issue No. 2 coming in December!
Submissions are now closed.
We will open for subs again in February 2024.




Visual Art

Book Reviews

ISSUE 1  "Fall 2023"

Contributor List:


Jess Ridley
Ace Boggess
Aditi Garg
Sylvester Kwakye
Anne Bower
Maya Jacyszyn
Mykyta Ryzhykh
James B. Nicola
Tauwan Patterson

Rebecca Dietrich
Erin Jamieson
Callie Crouch
Kaymin Hester
Rosemary Esehagu
Tom Squitieri
John Grey
CLS Sandoval
Nichelle Taylor
Israel Segall


Stacey Robertson

Carl Boon

Tatia Mgow


Bharti Bansal

Trina Chapman

Visual Art

Stefania Morgante
Kaitlin Kiswojo
Sulola Imran Abiola
Larissa Hauck
Vanessa Cerasulo
Tsz Ching Chan

Elizabeth Ricketson
Michael Moreth
Matthew McCain
Louis Staeble
G.J. Gillespie
Pauline Shen

What do they all have in common?

16-year-old artist in Indonesia

Tai chi instructor in Vermont

Recent MFA graduate in South Central Los Angeles

Nigerian phone photographer

Medical student in Ghana

Amateur playwright in Ontario, Canada

Award-winning American war correspondent

Ukrainian literary laureate

Cup of Coffee
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