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Box Office Wine
by Will Neuenfeldt

Tuesdays after school, Mom drove me and my sister to the nearby

Video Update where the ta-dum from the doorbell

fired off our race down the labyrinth of red carpet

so she could re-rent those direct-to-video Barbie movies

and I could rewind the 1987 season for the Minnesota Twins.

We’d meet mom at the register with our clamshells in hand

but when setting down the tapes they slosh liquid as the clerk

asks for my ID instead of a dollar for two-movie Tuesdays.

Candy bars are now cartons flavored with menthol and 100

while the Runts machine has fruits that can only be scratched.

Out the door gripping my brown bag, it’s nice to rewind

the tape on those Tuesdays until looking back at the sign

for Top Ten Liquors lit up with streams of neon red.

Will Neuenfeldt (he/him) studied English at Gustavus Adolphus College and his poems are published in Capsule Stories, Months to Years, and Red Flag Poetry. He lives in Cottage Grove, MN, home of the dude who played Steven Stifler in those American Pie movies and a house Teddy Roosevelt slept in.

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