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Love's Lifecycle Lit Up Through My Cell Phone
by V.M. Doubt

our unspoiled glimmer
a spark
to shimmer the magic hour
biting down smiles
at promising quiver


aura resonating
through covetous nightstand
fronds unfurl on palm
to bear the flare in willing hand
set like waxing crescent
night’s vision for who I burn for


then through jangled tremors
comes combustion
of my nerves’ fray
as Harvest Moon enters
each glare
an arsonist to ardor’s shade
her fix of silence, an eclipse


our memorandum
now solely in my hips
with phone
sunk to depths of dark pocket
and prone
to vibrations’ phantom

V. M. Doubt (she/they) is a Scottish poet residing in Toronto, Canada. Their work centres the queer experience of trauma, recovery, neurodivergency, polyamory, love and loss. They have publications in Hot Pot Magazine and Naked Cat Lit Mag with a forthcoming publication in Toil & Trouble Magazine. Social media handle: @vmdoubt

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