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Having Grown Apart
by Steven Deutsch

Now that I need not

wake for work

I rise at first light,


tired but present.

It is my time

for contemplation,

although my frivolous thoughts

might make the Buddha

chuckle. Sometimes


I think of you.

How close we were

and how the distance


has grown past reconciliation.

Would you even recognize

me now without prompting?


I’ve thought of writing to you.

I imagine you

still in your childhood home


anxiously opening the envelope,

worried it might be bad news.

I’ve tried, halfheartedly, but find


I have few words to share—

unsettling for someone

who made his way with words.


But, there is a slowing here—

I fear I won’t conquer

the world after all.


Have you?

I don’t suppose so.

Another class graduated

this week—so many plans,

so much horizon,

hourglass be damned.

Steven Deutsch is poetry editor of Centered Magazine and is poet in residence at the Bellefonte Art Museum. Steve was nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize. His chapbook, Perhaps You Can, was published in 2019 by Kelsay Press. His full length books, Persistence of Memory and Going, Going, Gone, were published by Kelsay. Slipping Away was published this spring. Brooklyn was awarded the Sinclair Poetry Prize from Evening Street Press and has just been published.

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