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My love, my life, my Armenia
by Luiza Naslyan
by Luiza Naslyan

Luiza Naslyan is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Dilijan, Armenia. She started her artistic professional career in 2019 in China. Later, she graduated from the art center in Yerevan, Armenia, and got certified as an art teacher with MoMA New York. She joined in various art residences and exhibitions. Her travels to more than 15 countries brought her to her current art styles. She explores individuals with various cultures and backgrounds, as well as individuals such as animals and plants.

Armenian Artists Project - Our cover artist was discovered via the Armenian Artists Project, which is a charity project aiming to exhibit, promote and sell pieces of original art created by Armenian artists living in Armenia. Every time a work is sold, the matching amount of what the artist receives is put aside to be allotted as charity in Armenia. As the balance of art sales revenue is used for direct operational costs of the AAP website, the art buyers get almost a 60% income tax deduction of their art purchases. Established in 2018, the website has been operating for three years. During this period more than 100 artists – painters, sculptors, tapestry makers – have joined the Project. Over 1500 pieces of Armenian art are exhibited on the website with a wide variety of styles, mediums, sizes and shapes. Buy art from – do charity in Armenia!

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