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Father, the Games We Play
by Larissa Larson

Were you happy when you found out

it was me? Not born biological boy but


girl bloom from her womb, your young

hands cradling this bald, mucus babe


bawling for the first time. I know you

cried as you do now after 30 years of


goodbye hugs to kindergarten to college

to only holiday visits. You had three


older sisters, so tenuous, but were you ready

for me? Your DNA duplicate, carbon


copy of an offspring. I think I was ready

for you, my eyes the same rain-soaked


blue. Our favorite game was monster,

extreme hide & seek. You’d hide and


I’d try to find you in the dark corners

of our house, but before I could claim


my victory, you’d jump out, teeth bared

and tickling talons prepared to trap. O I loved


how you scared the shit out of me. Was it

the same for you? Laughing in the face of


monstrosity, not knowing when I’d find

you or that you would see the real me?

Larissa Larson (she/they) is a queer poet who lives in the Twin Cities and recently received their MFA in Creative Writing. They have served on the editorial board of award-winning literary journals such as Water~Stone Review, Runestone Literary Journal, and The Briar Cliff Review.. Larissa works at a used bookstore, explores the many lakes with their partner, and watches scary movies with their cats, Athena and Midas. Their poems have appeared in Gyroscope Review, Welter Online, Sheila-Na-Gig, Kelp Journal, and forthcoming in Great Lakes Review.

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