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Coffee Shop
by Kelli Weldon

the doorbell chimes and you stand in a line

a pastime you have come to treat as sacred

latte or Americano, oat or almond, the special, an excuse

to look at another face, a nod, swirls and edges of local art

bulletin board posts speaking your language

bassist needed, co-op garden, yoga classes,

grief groups, Cabaret showtimes, love is love stickers

savor a kiss of steam from a cup, heat in your hands

hear the whirring grinder, hum of baristas’ voices

sure hands pouring out hot milk

comfort and calm amid the bustle

welcome in, here you go! buzzing

look over there, stay awhile

there’s a seat saved just for you.

Kelli Weldon (she/her) was born in Louisiana and now resides in Texas. Find her poetry in Black Moon Magazine, Boats Against The Current, Duck Duck Mongoose Magazine, Eclectica Magazine, Frost Meadow Review, In Parentheses, and Rewrite The Stars Review. Instagram: @kelliwritespoems

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