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by Joshua Burgamy

We used to see each other.

In the flesh. Out in the open.

The human you. The complete you.

The nuanced you. Your well crafted personality.

What you have worked towards.


Now it’s through filters.


Ones and zeros.

A facsimile of connection.

A reproduction. A conjuration of the ghost in the machine.

Do you even recognize yourself now?

A false memory. A silicone dream. A fiber optic fib.

Your best life our best lie. Keep looking though.

Maybe, we can see each other again one day.

Joshua Burgamy is on an overdue journey of healing through writing. This is his first published piece with many more to follow. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming chapbook. Joshua will join Rosemary’s House writing retreat this fall with the intention of completing a larger manuscript. He is an eternal optimist. He writes, he hopes, and he loves. Self, family, humanity.

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