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Dripping Faucet
by Hiram Larew

When all is said and done
It’s the bad apples that ooze good.
And it’s weeds that teach us
To dig and wish or pull.
Even getting sick takes us far away
Like a ticket.


Beyond that,
We don’t really shine until we hurt
Do we?
And what would we do with more nice anyway?
Make a snowball?


That’s the leaky point --
How nature behaves so cross-crooked with us.
Yes to be very honest,
How the louder the groans are in the morning
The better the day turns out to be.

Hiram Larew - Founder of Poetry X Hunger: Bringing a World of Poets to the Anti-Hunger Cause, Hiram Larew has had poems appear in recent issues of Contemporary American Voices, The Iowa Review, Honest Ulsterman and other journals. His most recent collection Patchy Ways was published in 2023 by CyberWit Press. and @HiramGLarew

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