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Op. 7 n. 22
by Amalia Castoldi

Amalia Castoldi is an Italian painter specialized in oil on canvas, with a distinct focus on surrealistic horror themes. As both a pianist and painter, she doesn’t assign titles to her artworks, preferring to classify them with opus numbers like music pieces. She believes her figurative paintings transcend representation, expressing emotions through shapes and colors. Born in Milan (Italy) in 1997, Amalia Castoldi resides and works in her birth city. She has participated in national and international exhibitions, showcasing her distinctive style and thematic approach. With a Bachelor's degree in Piano from Civica Abbado, Amalia is currently completing a Master's degree at the Conservatory of Como (2024) while pursuing further studies in contemporary music at the Academy of Pinerolo with Emanuele Arciuli. She has been playing as soloist in classical music festivals across Italy. In 2022, she recorded a commercial for DHL.

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