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Soul Flower
by Tom Squitieri

The island girl rushes to me

There is no escape

Her heat is coffee and whiskey combined

To wash over me with pulverizing passion,

Grind into me and leave me a pile 

Of smoldering ashes


each time I try to walk, 

the dizziness of our love forces me back down.

My soul dancing from her wildness

Her hurricane fury 

Igniting all of me 

I wait

still and framed, 

Soothed in my hobble


You know why

You are silent.

You wait, knowing

That shiver is coming

Just one, faint


Not a sigh. Not a gasp.

Just that release

measured in the

waiting and wanting

As the whisper words

Reach your neck

Letting the exhale join

The almost silent sonata


For the moment

You are here.


Wonderfully enrapturing

For the moment

I am yours,

fleeting and permanent simultaneously.

that darkness and its light,

this moment.


You come back

You inhale.

But not all the way.


The sky is still still.

Just as am I, on the deck.


There is always a moment

in which — if you are truly looking - you see

the rays through the clouds that point to me.

To radiate and envelop

A soft heat of passion that is incandescent

If you are truly looking


Now, I will dare to share

my shadow morning dance with you

and dream expectantly

The whisper words are eager

Tom Squitieri is a three-time winner of the Overseas Press Club and White House Correspondents' Association awards for work as a war correspondent. He is blessed to have his poetry appear in 35 venues including publications, books and anthologies, podcasts, a spoken word concert, the art exhibition Color: Story2020/2021, and the films “Rings of the Unpromised” and "Fate's Shadow: The Whole Story," where he shared the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival "Grand Jury Prize Gold for Monologues & Poetry."

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