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Badly Drawn Boy
by Tauwan Patterson

here lies the

frame of a man


paint by numbers project

designed spread about remarked on

a sketch done many times over

the Knight in shining armor

the young man still a child

the dreamer, lost soul

selfish lush addled

can’t tell he nuthin’

enough designs and glimpses of flair to

illuminate the flip book

the bound, tight collection of he

                                                     I suppose this is how to be drawn

canvas after canvas

starter after starter

mold upon mold

hollowed out pounds of flesh



to the Y to

the Z

colored in

flesh and bones

rights and wrongs

the Knight

the Duke

the Wretched

the Scorned

a tight collection of HE

edited by the originator and creator himself


filled in and sketched by

a slew of outside artisans and collaborators

the brand new, the well knowns

the brief stops followed by the walk on by

that open and inviting composition

the etch-a-sketch

whose knobs be turned by many souls

the frame of this man

hollowed out pounds of flesh

Tauwan Patterson hails from South Central, Los Angeles. He is a budding young Poet and recent graduate of the MFA Creative Writing Program at Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina, who with his poetry aims to, in the words of the great Poet and Thinker Marcus Jackson, announce his freedom and presence. Making a sound that echoes in the end that says Tauwan Patterson. No more. No less.

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