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by Sylvester Kwakye

today, I arranged a playlist for myself

from the ecstasy and euphoria

and the sweetness you brought

it was those arrays of songs that could understand my heart.


I plugged in the earpiece to disturb just myself.

the tune sank deep into my veins

and iced my blood

with the many memories of promises


my bleeding heart pumped goosebumps

on every sheet of my body

especially those parts that came in contact with you

and I couldn’t help those love poxes

the least of what happened


the most I care to acknowledge:


cigarette — a bad thought I had

but how was the ice going to melt?

two shots of tequila, I tried 7 times

each day

I made friends on the street

and fed strippers.

I allowed strangers a corridor in my brain

to do their jobs as therapists and psychologists


I burnt our pictures

and cursed the day I met you


not knowing you were around

testing how much I cared about you.

Sylvester Kwakye is a Ghanaian medical student with a self-published full-length poetry collection called “Flying From Nectar To Hive.” In most of his writing, Sylvester is inspired by his environment— home, medical school, and the hospital. Facebook: @slykoko42 Instagram: @slykoko42 Twitter: @slykoko

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