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by Rebecca Dietrich

My sisters, lost in the veil of night,

Stolen by echoes of colonial might.

Pleas went unanswered, a deafening void,

As men turned their gaze, truth they avoid.

Now she exists as another name,

Blurred in the shuffle, concealed by shame.

A fate shared with countless others found,

In a narrative woven on ancestral ground.

Missing, murdered, silenced in time,

Indigenous voices lost in genocide's crime.

Rebecca Dietrich is a writer and photographer from the Jersey Shore. Her debut chapbook Scholar of the Arts and Inhumanities will be published November of 2023 by Finishing Line Press. Rebecca's poetry has been featured in publications by Plumwood Mountain Journal, Making Waves: A West Michigan Review, and Moonstone Press. She holds a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Holocaust & Genocide Studies from Stockton University. You can follow her on Instagram: @limericks_and_asphodels

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