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Glass Rooms
by Erin Jamieson

In glass rooms

I find the bleakest

light- not from the sun

from the shadow of yesterday’s

moonlight, kissing my skin periwinkle

until my body forgets what it feels like

to be held, to be warm, to be anywhere else

without cavernous ceilings and listless people

who smile and nod at the right times

without listening

to a word

Erin Jamieson (she/her) holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Miami University. Her writing has been published in over eighty literary magazines, including a Pushcart Prize nomination. She is the author of a poetry collection (Clothesline, 2023) and four poetry chapbooks. Her latest poetry chapbook, Fairytales, was published by Bottle Cap Press. Her debut novel will be published by Type Eighteen Books (November 2023).

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