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Rubber Band
by Callie Crouch

It wasn’t until I walked out

of work tonight

that I noticed the rubber band

on my wrist.

I’m not sure at what point

over the past nine hours

I decided to stop fiddling with it –

stop stretching and bending it

to fit around my boredom –

and instead slid it

onto my right hand.

I started to think

it didn’t matter, that

my wrist is a just-as-worthy home

as any stack of cash

in this register.

As anything it was actually made

to hold together.

That I’m just as worthy of being

held together.

So I feel it pulling out

pieces of my curly arm hair

and I think of all the money

it’s touched, all the people it's

had the pleasure of being close to

by means of simple handholding

and association.

And I take the rubber band with me,

and I leave it on and

take all of them with me too.

Allowing everyone to keep on

holding me together.

Callie Crouch (she/her) is a recent graduate of Saint Joseph's University and former Editor-in-Chief of the university's literary magazine, the Crimson and Gray. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Writing Studies. Her work appears or is upcoming in 14 journals and anthologies, some of which include Olit Magazine, Quarter After Eight, Coffin Bell, Roanoke Review, Pinky Thinker Press, and Hive Avenue Literary Journal. Callie is originally from Florida but lives and writes in Philadelphia.

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