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by Aditi Garg

Her dreams on her shoulders,

Dead weights on her feet,

The things people choose,

Their own ringside seat.

The ride was fine,

I tried walking in her shoes,

Indeed a wonderful time,

Just overlook the abuse.

I didn’t fail to see,

She couldn’t lose the weight,

Of expectations to be fulfilled,

Dragging her down with bait.

The bait of promise,

Of can bes and will bes,

Fulfilled it enchants,

Yet, no forever in these.

Lighter, the load,

Being laid back,

Tighter her hold,

On track.

In the now she finds,

The lightness of being,

Without a care on her mind,

Filling her life with living.

She rises with what

Keeps her awake,

Falling only for,

Picking up what’s hers to take.

Aditi Garg is a journalist by education and a copywriter by profession. She has contributed cover stories, articles and book reviews for the magazine section of many National Dailies over 25 years. She enjoys writing short stories, is currently working on a novel and has self-published a book of poems.

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